About Sno-Gate

The objective of Sno-Gate is simple: To Maximize the Efficiency of the Snow Bucket.

us. Gerry Dugas, the founder of Sno-Gate, has been in the snow-removal industry for almost 30 years. Based in Ottawa, Canada - the second coldest capital in the world - Gerry is uniquely qualified in the field of snow removal.

Gerry saw the need to increase the efficiency of the bucket, a design that has not been significantly changed over the past 40 years. Drawing on his years of experience, Gerry began designing this new product. There were two main objectives in his design. One was to leverege the investments that people have already made in their tractors. Hence, his design has to be compatible with current existing buckets. Secondly, his design had to dramatically increase the efficiency of the bucket's performance.

After trial-testing various product designs and enhancements, Gerry has accomplished his two goals - a design that can be mated with currently existing buckets and at the same time increase the bucket's efficiency.

This revolutionary product has gone through extensive field tests and is now available commercially nationwide.

G. Dugas Welding
P.O. Box 189
Navan, ON, K4B 1J4