There are many possible SNO-GATE attachment configurations, depending on the type of vehicle/tractor that SNO-GATE is mated to. Please contact for additional information regarding SNO-GATE and your particular vehicle/tractor make and model.

SNO-GATE eliminates the need for:
  • Blade
  • Quick Attach
  • Wide Snow Bucket
  • 4x4 Pick-up Trucks
  • Often Dump Trucks
The SNO-GATE Advantage:
  • Made from heat treated steels for optimal strength and wear resistance
  • Accumulates and retains large amounts of snow
  • Handles up to three times your bucket's Yard3 capacity
  • Prevents lateral spillage of snow from the bucket
  • Excellent for long haul pushing
  • Scrape ice or hard pack
  • Rack blade away from object or walls
  • Cleans loading ramps without damage to pavement
  • Ride over and properly clean speed bumps without damage to mechanism
  • Increases your Yardage3 capacity for loading trucks
  • Narrow design provides excellent manueverability and visibility in traffic and confined areas
  • Can be fitted to ANY SIZE blade or bucket
  • Once fitted, Sno-Gate's bolted assembly is easily removed and reinstalled
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We factory guarantee 100% our product for 3 years! Some sno-gate owners report no down time after 10,000 hrs of use and still working as new.


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